Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Chan Tse Tzang (08)

Leader are people who are able to see the future, plan for what is happening and someone who is decisive about their plans. One that is not scared of trying new things, exploring new practices, explore things or just try something that is new. The leader must be daring. Leaders are people that are passionate, caring always doing what they want but at the same time able to take care of the people that are under him/her. A leader must be able to unite a team, lead a team and able to allow the team to be at it's best. A leader must have his own character, his character will equate to his ability, his standing and his beliefs that would allow him to succeed or him to be able convince/influence his audience at what he has to do. Under stressful situation, a leader would be able to split the job in a way that it would be done at its fastest and he would be able to convince the people around him that he is able to do the job well.

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