Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Soe Yan Naung @ Norman (19)


1.What traits do they possess?

There are seven main traits or qualities found in a good leader. They are


1. A good leader has an exemplary character. It is of utmost importance that a leader is trustworthy to lead others. A leader needs to be trusted and be known to live their life with honestly and integrity. A good leader "walks the talk" and in doing so earns the right to have responsibility for others. True authority is born from respect for the good character and trustworthiness of the person who leads.

2. A good leader is enthusiastic about their work or cause and also about their role as leader. People will respond more openly to a person of passion and dedication. Leaders need to be able to be a source of inspiration, and be a motivator towards the required action or cause. Although the responsibilities and roles of a leader may be different, the leader needs to be seen to be part of the team working towards the goal. This kind of leader will not be afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty.

3. A good leader is confident. In order to lead and set direction a leader needs to appear confident as a person and in the leadership role. Such a person inspires confidence in others and draws out the trust and best efforts of the team to complete the task well. A leader who conveys confidence towards the proposed objective inspires the best effort from team members.

4. A leader also needs to function in an orderly and purposeful manner in situations of uncertainty. People look to the leader during times of uncertainty and unfamiliarity and find reassurance and security when the leader portrays confidence and a positive demeanor.

5. Good leaders are tolerant of ambiguity and remain calm, composed and steadfast to the main purpose. Storms, emotions, and crises come and go and a good leader takes these as part of the journey and keeps a cool head.

6. A good leader, as well as keeping the main goal in focus, is able to think analytically. Not only does a good leader view a situation as a whole, but is able to break it down into sub parts for closer inspection. While keeping the goal in view, a good leader can break it down into manageable steps and make progress towards it.

7. A good leader is committed to excellence. Second best does not lead to success. The good leader not only maintains high standards, but also is proactive in raising the bar in order to achieve excellence in all areas.

Source from_http://ezinearticles.com/?Seven-Personal-Characteristics-Of-A-Good-Leader&id=59305

How do you think a good leader manages crisis under stressful situations?

This is something i found useful to do ahead to fight stress from this site. There are only seven points to follow to handle stress and make your team work well at the same time. If your team is working well why would you be stressed? Right?

  1. Keep everyone informed . Don't let any issue slip away without getting noticed. That's very important in critical times. Make everyone understand what's going on.
  2. Make sure you give clear instructions to everyone , and most important, that everyone has the same information, in that way you'll avoid conflict and misunderstandings.
  3. Be open to receive questions , better yet, encourage your team to ask questions if they need to clear out issues. You have to be sure they're 100 percent with clear information.
  4. You should involve people in key decisions . Of course you will make the last call, but you should ask for the support of your team in your decision making process. You will find your team is a lot more motivated when asked to participate in that decision.
  5. Be there . In difficult times your team is under pressure too, and they also need you to be with them.
  6. Make them know you are there . Make the most of every meeting and contact with your staff and make them know they have your support. Not only be there, but communicate it.
  7. Keep a good sense of humor , you don't need to be Jay Leno to be funny, but keeping a good sense of humor is probably one of the best stress relievers that exists. Good humor, encourages everyone to work in a calm and positive fashion.

This is from_ http://www.bealeader.net/1321/7-tips-to-lead-under-pressure

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