Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Learning CE: Activity 3 - Daniel Pei (11)

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was Intelligent, Perceptive, Logical and Calculating. He had great charisma and force of personality, characteristics, which made him a great leader. Alexander had a sense of invincibility and good tactical sense that often brought his success against overwhelming odds in battles verses the Persian Empire or later in India. He is a leader where no matter how bad is the situation, he always or often turn it to his advantages. Alexander was up against the large Persian Empire and its seemingly inexhaustible manpower. However through his calm and superior leadership, he managed to resolve most of the crisis to an advantageous ending. Alexander had never lost sight of his vision and the situation at hand during his short reign.Alexander always managed to win the respect and loyalty of his men regardless of the situation. Proof of this can be seen is that he would not ask his men to do anything he would not do himself. And always before battles or after battles, he would go among his men to listen and encourage them.





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