Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Lhu Wen Kai (13)

I believe that in order to be a leader, you must have the three most important things: dignity, integrity and humbleness. My reasons? Well, dignity is not only the most important thing in a leader, it is important in everything. You respect and honor yourself and others. Without this, you will never make move up to a higher level. Next, integrity. You must have the courage to own up when you do something wrong or something not honorable. Without this, you will fail in everything you do as you don't have the guts to admit your mistakes. Finally, humbleness. Without it, you will always think that you are the best and think that you have no competitors. In truth, nobody is the best. Just like dignity, failing to have humbleness, you will never learn. As you can see, without the three things mentioned, it will all lead to one thing – inevitable failure.

Actually, being a hero should be not stressful. However, when failure starts to kick in, it's the contrary. Like school work, when your parents don't give you pressure, you can study in an non-stressful environment. Take atom's particles for example, when there is too much pressure, the particles will destroyed. However, without pressure, the particles will move slowly. With a little pressure, it can spur us forward.

Coping with the burden part, there is nothing much in it to say the truth. If there is a burden, a leader should never pin point at others for causing the burden. They should slowly but efficiently look into the matter and inform the rest of the cause. This way, both yourself and the rest can learn.



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