Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE:Activity 3 - Ethan Soh(12)

The traits of a leader are:

- Task Competence

- Skills in dealing with people

- The capacity to motivate people

- Decisiveness

- Self-Confidence

- Adaptability/Flexibility

Task Competence is being able to be focused and be on task at all times. The leader has to be able to complete the task before the deadline and submit it on time if he has to. He cannot be distracted and lose his focus.

Skills in dealing with people are necessary when there are people which are uncooperative and do not follow instructions and are always no focused. There might also be people with the inabilities to do certain things e.g. type fast, present clearly. A good leader will find ways to deal with this by giving people roles which are suitable for them.

The capacity to motivate people is needed when there are people which have low confidence in themselves, therefore making them unsure of what they are doing to contribute, thus they put in less effort in what they ought to be doing. A leader will motivate people by encouraging them and help them think that they are capable of completing an assigned task.

Decisiveness is essential when there are many options to be chosen from and everyone is unable to work well with one another and they are unable to choose. The leader will step forward and decide on an option for everyone and explain his reason for choosing it and tell people good points on working on that option.

Self-confidence gives the leader the ability to believe in himself that he is able to lead the group properly and that nothing will go wrong.

Adaptability/Flexibility is the ability to adapt to certain changes e.g. a team member with an important role is absent. Good leaders would always find a solution to the problem and solve it. 

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